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Some lessons from the use of environmental quasi-regulation

Office of Regulation Review staff working paper

This paper by Sue Holmes, was released on 12 December 1997. The purpose of this paper was to describe examples of approaches to environmental regulation in the USA (and Canada), and to draw some general conclusions which may be useful to the Commonwealth Departmental Committee on quasi-regulation.

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1   Introduction

2   Examples of quasi-regulation
2.1   Industry initiated voluntary programs
2.1.1   Responsible Care: industry self-regulation without a strong government enforcer but with transparency
2.1.2   The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations: industry self-regulation underpinned by a strong government enforcer but with questionable transparency
2.2   Government initiated voluntary schemes
2.3   Government initiated schemes involving enforcement discretion
2.4   Government initiated 'regulatory relief' programs

3   Assessments and conclusions
3.1   Advantages
3.2   Disadvantages
3.3   Success factors
3.4   Balancing costs and benefits of quasi-regulation and determining its nature
3.5 Summary observations


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