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Regulation and its review 1994-95

Annual report series

This annual report was released on 1 November 1995.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Preface, Contents, Abbreviations, Overview

1   The Regulatory Environment
1.1   Changing views of regulation
1.2   Types of regulation and trends
1.3   Economic impacts

2   Issues in Regulation
2.1   Regulatory design
2.1.1   Standards
2.1.2   Enforcement regimes
2.1.3   Cost recovery for regulatory agencies
2.2   Some regulatory mechanisms
2.2.1   Prices surveillance
2.2.2   Labelling issues
2.2.3   Occupational licensing
2.3   Some sectoral issues
2.3.1   Regulation of Australia's financial system
2.3.2   Environmental regulation
2.3.3   Food safety regulation

3   Developments in Regulation Review Policies and Practices
3.1   National/Commonwealth developments
National Competition Policy and regulation review
National standard setting principles
Committee of Inquiry into Australia's Standards and Conformance Infrastructure
Legislative Instruments Bill
Trans-Tasman mutual recognition
3.2   State and Territory developments
3.3   International developments

4   Operations of the Office of Regulation Review
4.1   Council on Business Regulation
4.2   ORR's role in vetting regulations and in advising on regulatory review
4.3   Recent ORR output and activities


A   Regulatory review in selected OECD countries

B   Changes in regulations as reported by Commonwealth Departments and agencies

C   Selected developments in regulation

D   COAG principles and guidelines for national standard setting and regulatory action

E   Regulatory review in the States and Territories

F   Documents prepared by the Office of Regulation Review


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