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Australia's industry sector productivity performance

Research memorandum

This report by Trevor Cobbold and Tony Kulys was released in November 2003.

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1   Introduction

2   Trends in sectoral productivity growth
2.1   Labour productivity growth
2.2   Multifactor productivity growth
2.3   Capital deepening
2.4   Summary

3   Productivity growth by industry
3.1   Primary and manufacturing industries
3.2   Economic infrastructure industries
3.3   Other services industries
3.4   Summary

4   Features of high and low MFP growth industries
4.1   High MFP growth industries
4.2   Low MFP growth industries
4.3   High labour productivity growth industries
4.4   Low labour productivity growth industries
4.5   New growth industries
4.6   Summary

A   Industry data

B   Industry performance