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The growth and revenue implications of Hilmer and related reforms

Industry Commission research report

This report report to the Council of Australian Governments was released in March 1995. The report resulted from an Industry Commission study into the effect of economic growth and revenue of Hilmer and related reforms.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, Preface


A.1   Introduction
A1.1   What the Commission has been asked to do
A1.2   What the Commission can deliver
A1.3   Operationalising the exercise

A.2   The direct impacts of Hilmer and related reforms
A2.1   The scope of reforms
A2.2   Impacts of reforms
A2.3   The reforms considered

A.3   Modelling the growth and revenue implications
A3.1   The selection of model
A3.2   HILORANI — a special purpose version of ORANI
A3.3   The modelling assumptions

A.4   Results
A4.1   The implications of reforms for economic growth
A4.2   The revenue implications of reforms
A4.3   The timing of impacts

A.5   Conclusions


B.1   Statutory marketing arrangements
B1.1   Hilmer reforms
B1.2   Recent developments
B1.3   The likely impacts of reform
B1.4   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.2   Occupational regulation and the professions
B2.1   Hilmer reforms
B2.2   Recent developments
B2.3   The likely impacts of reform
B2.4   Reforms considered by the Commission
ANNEX:   Summary of selected occupational regulations and conduct rules

B.3   Regulatory restrictions on competition
B3.1   Hilmer reforms
B3.2   Likely impacts of reform
B3.3   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.4   Hilmer-specific GBE reforms
B4.1   Telstra
B4.2   Australia Post
B4.3   Federal Airports Corporation
B4.4   Civil Aviation Authority
B4.5   Rail reform

B.5   Electricity
B5.1   Hilmer and related reforms
B5.2   Monopoly rents
B5.3   Recent developments in the electricity supply industry
B5.4   The likely impacts of reform
B5.5   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.6   Gas
B6.1   Hilmer and related reforms
B6.2   Recent developments in the natural gas industry
B6.3   The likely impacts of reform
B6.4   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.7   Water, sewerage and drainage
B7.1   Hilmer and related reforms
B7.2   Recent developments in the WSD supply industry
B7.3   The likely impacts of reform
B7.4   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.8   Road transport
B8.1   Hilmer–related reforms
B8.2   Recent developments in road transport
B8.3   The likely impacts of reform
B8.4   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.9   Mutual recognition and review of partially registered occupations
B9.1   Hilmer-related reforms
B9.2   Recent developments
B9.3   The likely impacts of reforms
B9.4   Reforms considered by the Commission

B.10   Port authority reform
B10.1   Hilmer and related reforms and port authorities
B10.2   Recent developments aff ecting port authorities
B10.3   The likely impacts of the reforms on port authorities


C.1   Modelling the reforms
C1.1   The model framework
C1.2   Modelling competitive neutrality
C1.3   Making revenue projections

C.2   Revenue and sectoral results in detail

C.3   Other studies
C3.1   Introduction
C3.2   Previous studies
C3.3   Key results
C3.4   Why do the results differ?
C3.5   Timing issues
C3.6   Summing up


D.1   Terms of reference

D.2   Hilmer review and government responses
D2.1   Hilmer review
D2.2   Competitive conduct rules
D2.3   Structural reform of government monopolies
D2.4   Access to essential facilities
D2.5   Monopoly pricing
D2.6   Competitive neutrality
D2.7   Regulatory restrictions on competition
D2.8   Summary

D.3   Details of the model and simulation methods
D3.1   Demand and supply in HILORANI
D3.2   Updating the data on direct taxation
D3.3   Government income from GBEs
D3.4   Government expenditure deflators
D3.5 Modelling the revenue implications of imposing competitive neutrality in financing structure on GBEs

D.4   Letter from the Reserve Bank of Australia: Hilmer reforms and inflation

D.5   References

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