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Stocktake of progress in microeconomic reform

Industry Commission research report

This report was released in July 1996. It provides an assessment of the current situation and identifies actions to advance the reform process.

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Preliminaries: Copyright, Foreword, Contents, Abbreviations, Overview, The Reform Agenda: Key Actions, The Reform Agenda in Detail

1   Why Microeconomic Reform
1.1   The productivity imperative
1.2   Progress on microeconomic reform
1.3   The gains from reform
1.4   Getting implementation right
1.5   Helping with adjustment

2   Labour Markets and Industrial Relations
2.1   Reforms to date
2.2   Performance gaps
2.3   The reform agenda

3   Competition Policy
3.1   The national competition policy package
3.2   Implementation issues and tasks
3.3   The reform agenda

4   Infrastructure
4.1   Reforms to date
4.2   Performance gaps
4.3   The reform agenda

5   Education, Health and Community Services
5.1   Reform issues
5.2   Performance gaps
5.3   The reform agenda

6   Taxation
6.1   Reforms to date
6.2   Performance gaps
6.3   The reform agenda

7   Trade and Industry Assistance
7.1   Reforms to date
7.2   Performance gaps
7.3   The reform agenda

8   Resource Access and the Environment
8.1   Access to natural resources
8.2   Environmental protection

9   Regulatory Reform
9.1   Reforms to date
9.2   Performance gaps
9.3   The Commission's assessment

10   Government Performance
10.1   The performance of different levels of government
10.2   Intergovernmental responsibilities


A   About the stocktake

B   Transport and other infrastructure


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