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Restrictions on Trade in Education Services: Some Basic Indexes

Staff Working Paper

This paper by Duc Nguyen-Hong and Robert Wells was released on 15 October 2003.

The paper examines restrictions affecting trade in education services — a growing commercial activity in the services sector in many economies. The paper is part of a series of Commission research studies into barriers to trade in services.

A spreadsheet of supporting data was revised in 2008 and released onto this website in December 2009.


Cover, Copyright, Preface, Contents, Abbreviations, Summary

1   Introduction

2   Index framework
2.1   Education sub-sectors and modes of services trade
2.2   Types of restrictions in education services
2.3   Index methodology

3   Index results
3.1   Consumption abroad
3.2   Commercial presence
3.3   Cross-border supply
3.4   Presence of natural persons
3.5   Summing up

A   Detailed index results


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