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The analysis and regulation of safety risk

Office of Regulation Review information paper

The Office of Regulation Review information paper was released in February 1995.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations, Introduction

About the agencies
Question 1   Agencies’ structures, functions, staffing and funding
Question 2   Risk categories and regulatory responses

Processes for developing and promulgating regulations
Question 3   Processes for formulating regulations

Identifying problems/setting objectives
Question 4   Basis for investigating potential safety problems
Question 5   Trigger risk levels
Question 6   Official guidance on acceptability of risk levels
Question 7   Specification of regulatory objectives

Assessing risk levels, benefits and costs
Question 8   Calculation of risk factors
Question 9   Actual versus perceived risk levels
Question 10   Analysis of benefits and costs
Question 11   Margins of error

Alternative solutions
Question 12   Consideration of alternatives

Information sources
Question 13   Information/consultation
Question 14   Feedback mechanisms

Other issues
Question 15   Replication of overseas testing procedures and regulations
Question 16   Capability to undertake economic analysis
Question 17   Cost-recovery

About the agencies
Processes for formulating regulations
Regulatory objectives
Regulatory mechanisms
Other findings

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