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Review of the NSW Rural Assistance Act

Productivity Commission submission

This submission was presented to the New South Wales Review Group in September 1998. The submission was a response to a request by the New South Wales Review Group for information and comment on issues pertaining to its review of the NSW Rural Assistance Act 1989. It focuses on a relatively narrow range of matters related to assistance and program performance.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations, Summary

1   Introduction

2   Government assistance to agriculture
2.1   Budgetary assistance to agriculture
2.2   Agricultural sector assistance

3   Rationales for government support for the rural sector
3.1   Availability of capital
3.2   Incomplete information and uncertainty
3.3   Barriers to entry and exit
3.4   Conservation objectives
3.5 Relationships with other policies
3.6   Welfare considerations

4   Performance of NSW assistance schemes provided under the Act
4.1   General assistance scheme
4.2   Special assistance schemes
4.3   Relief schemes
4.4   Other assistance schemes
4.5   Protection orders

5   Improving the framework for agricultural assistance in NSW
5.1   Framework issues
5.2   Design principles
5.3   Regulatory best practice

A   Changing Commonwealth Support to Agriculture

B   Key Features of Debt Mediation Process - Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994

C   Sources of Mediation and Consumer Protection in Credit Markets


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