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Economic evaluation of CSIRO industrial research

Bureau of Industry Economics research report

This report was released in January 1992.

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1   Introduction
1.1   Purpose
1.2   Background
1.3   The evaluation criteria
1.4 Issues
1.5   Implications for CSIRO's own assessment

2   Case histories
2.1   Overview
2.2   The case studies
2.2.1   The Dunlena agreement
2.2.2   The CDT synchro pulse welder
2.2.3 Earth station antennas
2.2.4   National measurement standards
2.3   Genesis
2.4   Industrial collaboration
2.5   Innovation performance
2.6   Marketing and sustainability

3   Evaluation criteria
3.1   Benefit-cost criteria
3.1.1   Commercial feasibility
3.1.2   Community benefits
3.2   National technological capability
3.3   Other evaluation criteria
3.3.1   International competitiveness
3.3.2   Inter-industry effects
3.3.3   Human capital formation
3.3.4   Demonstration effects

4   CSIRO's priorities assessment framework
4.1   Introduction
4.2   Ranking by broad research purpose
4.3   Feasibility and attractiveness
4.4   Assessing returns on R&D investment
4.5   Applications to the case study projects
4.6   Conclusions

5   Conclusions
5.1   Overview
5.2   Implications for research performance
5.3 Implications for project selection
5.4   Conclusion

A4.1   Alternative decision making methods
A4.2   Feasibility and attractiveness in the case studies


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