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Supplier-induced demand for medical services

Staff working paper

This paper by Ian Bickerdyke, Robert Dolamore, Ian Monday and Robb Preston was released in November 2002.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Preface, Abbreviations, Key points,Overview

1   Introduction
1.1   The concept of supplier-induced demand
1.2   Purpose and scope of the study
1.3   Outline of the paper

2   The concept of supplier-induced demand
2.1   What is SID?
2.2   Potential drivers of SID

3   The market for medical services
3.1   The characteristics of medical markets
3.2   Assessing the significance of medical market characteristics
3.3   Summing up

4   Influences on doctor and patient behaviour
4.1   A framework for exploring doctor behaviour
4.2   A framework for exploring patient behaviour
4.3   Summing up

5   The institutional and regulatory environment
5.1   Some preliminaries
5.2   The role of funding sources and insurance
5.3   The significance of different organisational and payment methods
5.4   Other institutional factors and regulatory arrangements
5.5   Institutional and regulatory arrangements in Australia
5.6   Summing up

6   Empirical assessment of supplier-induced demand
6.1   A profile of key studies
6.2   Other empirical evidence
6.3   Difficulties associated with quantifying SID
6.4   Summing up

7   Concluding comments
7.1   Challenges in responding to SID
7.2   Measures for addressing SID