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Constraints on private conservation: Some challenges in managing Australia's tropical rainforests

Conference paper

On 14 November 2001 this paper by Neil Byron, Paula Holland and Michael Schuele was presented to the Annual Conference of the Rainforest Cooperative Research Centre in Cairns. The paper discusses the role of the private sector in biodiversity conservation and considers the constraints that restrict the private sector's contribution to biodiversity conservation.

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  • Contents

1   Australia’s wet tropics and private sector conservation: some facts
Property rights and in situ conservation by the private sector
Increasing importance of private sector conservation

2   Land tenure issues
Conservation on pastoral leasehold land
Voluntary conservation agreements and land tenure

3   Queensland native wildlife legislation
Ownership issues
Licensing system
Inter-jurisdictional issues

4   Competitive neutrality
Difficulties in applying competitive neutrality to private sanctuaries

5   Tax provisions
Environmental altruism
Conservation expenditures

6   Conclusions


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