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A plan for development of nationally comparable school student learning outcomes through establishment of equivalences between existing state and territory tests

Consultancy report

This consultancy report was released in 1997. The research identifies cost effective and statistically reliable means of establishing equivalences among State and Territory student learning outcomes at the primary level. A detail methodology development plan of the study will enable ongoing reporting of nationally comparable learning outcome information for the government school systems.

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  • Contents

Cover, Contents, Executive Summary

Section 1 Aim and objective
1.1 Aim and objective
1.2 Issues addressed
1.3 Guidelines for Phase Two work plan
1.4 The focus of the methodology

Section 2 Development of workable plan for Phase Two
2.1 Phase one development
2.2 Issues arising and suggested solutions
2.3 Overview of the development of a workable plan

Section 3 The sampling plan
3.1 The target population
3.2 Estimates of standard errors
3.3 The sampling exercise

Section 4 The Year level
4.1 General requirements
4.2 The proposed year level

Section 5 The statistical model for test equating
5.1 Efficiency of the model in providing equivalences among test forms
5.2 Diagnostic opportunities the model provides for understanding the data

Section 6 The implementation of the test equating model
6.1 Implementation of the test equating procedure
6.2 Principles underpinning the selection of tests for states/territories
6.3 Establishment of links between tests
6.4 Compilation of the raw data
6.5 Recommended model for future monitoring

Section 7 Test dates

Section 8 Test administration
8.1 Administration
8.2 Storage and management of testing and data
8.3 Delivery

Section 9 State- and Territory-specific information
9.1 Australian Capital Territory
9.2 New South Wales
9.3 Northern Territory
9.4 Queensland
9.5 South Australia
9.6 Tasmania
9.7 Victoria
9.8 West Australia

Section 10 Phase Two implementation
Timetable and planning notes for the implementation of Phase Two

Section 11 Expected outcomes of Phase Two
11.1 The common metric
11.2 National Literacy Pro- Levels
11.3 Test scale equivalence

Appendix I Consultation
Appendix II Minimum age entry - State/Territory comparison
Appendix III Comparison between state/Territory tests
Appendix IV Relationship between the State/Territory Tests and the National Pro-s for English
Appendix V Indicative comparative analysis of two test items: What do students have to do, know and value in order to do a test?
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