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Integrating rural and urban water markets in south east Australia: Preliminary analysis

Conference paper

This paper by Gavan Dwyer, Paul Loke, David Appels, Susan Stone and Deborah Peterson was be presented to the OECD Workshop on Agriculture and Water: Sustainability, Markets and Policies Adelaide, 14–18 November 2005.

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  • Contents

1   Background

2   Contrasting rural and urban water sectors in south east Australia
Comparative water use
Utility charges and market prices for water

3   TERM-Water model and database

4   Water’s role in the model

5   Reductions in water availability and trading scenarios

6   Preliminary modelling results
10 per cent reduction in water allocations to Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra (urban water reductions)
10 per cent reduction in water allocations to all regions in south east Australia (combined rural and urban water reductions)
Model design considerations

7   Conclusions


Technical appendix

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