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More time for business

Statement by the Prime Minister

This statement and it's guide was made by the Prime Minister on 24 March 1997.

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SECTION 1   The key Government initiatives to help small business
1.1   The economic importance of small business
1.2   A stable macroeconomic outlook
1.3   Reducing the taxation burden
1.4 More flexible industrial relations and better training
1.5   Making it easier to deal with government
1.6   Regulatory quality
1.7   Intergovernmental reforms
1.8   Easier access to finance

SECTION 2   The Government’s response to the recommendations of the Small Business Deregulation Task Force

Taxation Issues
1   Fringe benefits tax initiatives
2   Optional Pay As You Go system
3   Voluntary tax payments
4   Capital gains tax asset register
5   Tax compliance statements
6   Issuing of group certificates
7   Review of sales tax administration
8   Review of Income Tax Assessment and Fringe Benefit Tax Acts
9   Payroll tax harmonisation
10   Extension of time for lodgement of business tax returns
11   Review of Australian Tax Office public rulings programme

Employment Issues
12   Review industrial relations rules and regulations
13   Review of new unfair dismissal arrangements
14   Matrix of employer obligations; single definition of employee
15   Nationally consistent occupational health and safety arrangements
16   Nationally consistent workers’ compensation arrangements
17   Superannuation Guarantee for short-term employees
18   Reporting requirements under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act

19   Australian Bureau of Statistics’ reporting burden
20   Small business representation on Australian Bureau of Statistics’ consultative committees
21   Extension of Australian Bureau of Statistics user-pays principle
22 Central clearance for statistical collections
23   Design and timing of statistical collections
24   Marketing of statistical products
25   Provision of statistics to small businesses

Streamlining Government Processes and Regulation
26   Memorandum of Understanding with local government
27   Private certification of building approvals
28   Changes to technical requirements for building
29   Referral and concurrence procedures in the building and development industry
30   National building products certification scheme
31   Consumer protection in the building and development sector
32   Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment
33   Review of food industry regulation
34   Review of agricultural and veterinary chemicals regulation
35   On-line electronic systems for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
36   Child care regulation

Changing the Regulatory Culture
37   Senior executive contracts
38   Service charters for Commonwealth departments and agencies
39   Annual reports on service charters
40   Business regulation complaints - free call service

Making it Easier to Deal with Regulatory Government
41   National business information service
42   Common licence methodology
43   Single entry point for information collection
44   Streamlining information exchange

Making Business Easier
45   Quality assurance certification
46   Review of business assistance
47   Terms of reference for review of business assistance
48   Use of information technology to reduce compliance costs
49 Committee on Regulatory Reform
50   Office of Regulation Review
51   Regulation impact statements
52   Expiring legislation
53   Training in regulation impact analysis
54   Compliance with regulation impact statement guidelines
55   Repeal of redundant regulations
56   Transparency of regulation making processes
57   Cost-benefit analysis of quasi-regulation
58   Competition policy reviews
59   Use of voluntary standards in regulation
60   Drafting principles for voluntary and regulatory standards
61   Industry self-regulation

The Way Forward
62   Government response to this report

SECTION 3   Other measures and initiatives to assist small business
3.1   Taxation
3.1.1   Capital gains tax rollover relief
3.1.2   Capital gains tax exemption on the sale of a small business for retirement
3.1.3   Provisional tax uplift factor
3.2   Industrial Relations
3.2.1   Workplace Relations Act 1996
3.3   Regulatory Reform
3.3.1   National competition policy legislation review
3.3.2   Legislative Instruments Bill 1996
3.3.3   Repeal of redundant Acts
3.3.4   Review of the burden of corporations and securities regulation
3.3.5   Retirement Savings Accounts
3.3.6   Review of product recall requirements
3.3.7   Reform of the regulatory regime for patent attorneys
3.3.8 Introduction of a new innovation patent system
3.3.9   Review of the Copyright Act
3.3.10   Review of copyright license fees for the use of music
3.3.11   Customs initiatives - Cargo Management Strategy
3.3.12   Trans-Tasman mutual recognition
3.3.13   Mutual recognition of conformity assessment with the European Union
3.3.14   Health initiatives
3.3.15   Immigration initiatives
3.4   Business Assistance
3.4.1   AusIndustry
3.4.2   R&D Start programme
3.4.3 Small Business Innovation Fund
3.4.4   Technology Support Centres
3.4.5   Australian Technology Group
3.4.6   Strategic relationships with global companies
3.4.7   Customs advisory services
3.4.8   Ethnic Networking Forum
3.5 Government Business Opportunities
3.5.1   Competitive neutrality policy
3.5.2   Competitive tendering and contracting out
3.5.3   Government purchasing policy
3.6   Small Business Finance
3.6.1   Equity investments by banks in small and medium sized enterprises
3.6.2   Business Equity Information Service
3.6.3   Studies into alternative equity markets for small and medium sized Enterprises
3.6.4   Review of Pooled Development Funds
3.6.5   Relief for Business Matching Services
3.7   Employment, education and training initiatives
3.7.1   Employment services
3.7.2   New apprenticeship system
3.7.3   Schools

Appendix   Budgetary Impact of Statement

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