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GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) summary in excel programs

GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) is a global network of researchers and policymakers who conduct quantitative analysis of international policy issues. It is coordinated by the Center for Global Trade Analysis in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University (United States).

The GTAP database contains trade and other economic data for over 80 countries or regions. Due to its complexity, it is not easy to obtain a quick overview of the main characteristics of the database.

The 'GTAP Summary in Excel Programs' are a suite of programs designed to improve access to the GTAP database for non-GEMPACK users. It has been developed by the Productivity Commission, building on previous work by GTAP. It enables the generation of Excel workbooks containing a summary of each country's economic statistics in individual worksheets.

It is hoped that improved access to a summary of the GTAP database will enable non-GTAP specialists to provide feedback on the database, thereby improving its quality.

Two versions of the program suite have been developed and are provided in the Exe File:

  • contains a 3x3 aggregation.
  • provides an 8-sector by 20-country aggregation (it must be run 5 times to obtain a summary of the full GTAP database).

Included are all the program files required to produce the Excel output files for the specified level of aggregation. Also included are the relevant documentation (user guide) for the programs and a sample output file. No GTAP data are provided, however. If the user wishes to change the aggregations in the files provided, a licensed version of the GTAP Data Base with the GTAPAgg program is needed. This can be obtained from GTAP.

Download the program suite

Download the documentation

Further information

Comments and suggestions about the programs and/or documentation are welcome, and can be referred to Patrick Jomini.

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