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Service Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

Industry Commission staff research paper

This paper by Alexis Hardin and Leanne Holmes was released on 27 November 1997.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations, Summary

1   Introduction

2   Services trade and the role of FDI
2.1   Services trade
2.2   Modes of service delivery
2.3   International FDI trends
2.4   FDI in Australia
2.5   FDI as a mode of service delivery in Australia
2.6   Conclusions

3   The GATS and foreign direct investment
3.1   Overview of the GATS
3.2   Implications for FDI barriers
3.3   The GATS and investment incentives
3.4   Implications of the FDI barriers not covered in the GATS

4   Barriers to foreign direct investment
4.1   Framework for identifying FDI barriers
4.2   Main types of barriers
4.3   Barriers most commonly used to restrict FDI
4.4   Investment incentives
4.5   Conclusions

5   Quantifying barriers to foreign direct investment
5.1   Lessons from quantifying tariff and non-tariff barriers
5.2   Tariff equivalents for FDI barriers
5.3   Alternative indicators of the degree of restriction of FDI
5.4   Conclusions

6   Modelling the impact of FDI barriers
6.1   A modelling framework
6.2   Quantifying investment barriers
6.3   Data
6.4   Results
6.5   Conclusions

7   A way forward
7.1   A modelling framework
7.2   Quantifying investment barriers
7.3   Data
7.4   Additional modelling requirements
7.5   Conclusions

Appendix A   Indices of the degree of FDI restrictiveness


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