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Implementing the National Competition Policy: Access and price regulation

Industry Commission information paper

This paper was released in November 1995.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Acronyms and abbreviations, Overview

1   The National Competition Policy
1.1   The Hilmer Report
1.2   Competition policy reform package
1.3   Competition principles
1.4   Focus of this information paper

2   Access to the services of significant infrastructure facilities
2.1   Costs and benefits
2.2   Identifying essential facilities and establishing a right of access
2.3   Limiting the scope of the access package

3   Terms and conditions of access
3.1   Commercial negotiation
3.2   Regulated terms and conditions
3.3   Regulatory models
3.4   The NCC’s processes

4   Prices regulation
4.1   Introduction
4.2   Prices control or oversight?
4.3   Declaration for prices oversight
4.4   Criteria for assessing prices
4.5   Method of price regulation
4.6 Institutional arrangements
4.7   Conclusion: sustaining ‘light–handed’ regulation

Appendix A Access-related initiatives


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