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Rural Adjustment Scheme

Industry Commission submission

This submission to the mid-term Review of the Rural Adjustment Scheme was released in November 1996.

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  • Contents

Part 1

Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations, Executive Summary

1   Introduction

2   Rural adjustment and the evolving agricultural sector
2.1   Introduction
2.2   The nature of agricultural adjustment
2.3   Government assistance to agriculture
2.4   Changing government involvement in rural adjustment

3   Factors influencing government support for rural adjustment
3.1   Introduction
3.2   Efficiency perspective of RAS
3.3   Barriers to entry or to changing activity
3.4   Barriers to exit
3.5   Information gaps and asymmetries
3.6   Relationship with other interventions
3.7   A welfare rationale for rural adjustment assistance
3.8   Conclusion

4   Program performance
4.1   Introduction
4.2   Linking rural adjustment with government support
4.3   Interest rate subsidies and loans
4.4   Support for training and professional advice
4.5   Re-establishment grants
4.6   Land trading
4.7   Exceptional circumstance and related programs
4.8   Conclusion

Part 2

A   Commonwealth and State government support for agriculture

B   The characteristics of farms buying and selling land

Part 3


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