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Updating the GTAP 1996-97 Australian database

Research memorandum

This report by Terry Maidment and Owen Gabbitas was released in August 2005.

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1   Source data

2   Processing of the source data
2.1   Removal of negative value flows
2.2   Reconciling basic price and producer price flows
2.3   Re-coding of complementary imports
2.4   Removal of re-exports
2.5   Reclassification of primary factors of production
2.6   Aggregation of investment
2.7   Treatment of other taxes less subsidies on production
2.8   Converting multi-product industries to single-product industries
2.9   Mapping ABS products to their GTAP counterparts
2.10   Balancing the data base

3   Data base supplied to GTAP

4   Comparability with previous GTAP data bases

5   Diagnostics