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Linking inputs and outputs: Activity measurement by police services

Research paper

This research paper was released on 4 October 1999.

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1 Introduction

2 Differences in Payroll Tax Arrangements
2.1 Exemptions
2.2 Marginal payroll tax rates and tax-free thresholds
2.3 Clawback arrangements

3 Are the Differences Significant?
3.1 Exemptions
Case 1: health services
Case 2: corrective services
3.2 Marginal tax rates and tax-free thresholds
Corrective services
3.3 Clawback arrangements
3.4 Conclusions

4 Accounting for Differences in Payroll Tax Arrangements
4.1 Approaches to account for payroll tax differences
Tax deduction
Tax addition
4.2 Recommendations

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