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Work Choices of Married Women: drivers of change

Visiting researcher paper

This paper by Lixin Cai was released on 21 January 2010.


  • Preliminaries
    Cover, Copyright, Contents, Preface and Abbreviations
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
    1.1 The broad policy context
    1.2 The inter-temporal persistence of female labour supply
    1.3 The study’s scope and key findings
  • Chapter 2 Literature review
    2.1 Past research
    2.2 Summing up
  • Chapter 3 Econometric model and estimation strategy
    3.1 The econometric model
    3.2 Initial condition problem
    3.3 Estimation strategies
  • Chapter 4 Data source, model specification and descriptive analysis
    4.1 The HILDA survey data
    4.2 Two types of model specifications
    4.3 Descriptive analysis
  • Chapter 5 Model estimation results
    5.1 Interpretation of the coefficient estimates
    5.2 Estimation results
  • Chapter 6 Conclusions
  • Appendix A Predicting wages for those who are not employed
  • Appendix B Initial condition equation estimation
  • References

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