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Principles and guidelines for national standard setting and regulatory action by ministerial councils and standard-setting bodies

COAG publication

This report was endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in April 1995 and then amended in November 1997 and June 2004.

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  • Contents

A   Introduction

B   Regulatory Impact Assessment
(1) The Need for Regulation
(2) The Need for Quantitative Analysis

C   Principles of Good Regulation
Minimising the impact of regulation
Minimising the impact on competition
Predictability of outcomes
International standards and practices
Regulations should not restrict international trade
Regular review of regulation
Flexibility of standards and regulations
The exercise of bureaucratic discretion

D   Features Of Good Regulation
Minimising regulatory burden on the public
Minimising administrative burden
Regulatory impact assessment
Compliance strategies and enforcement
Consideration of secondary effects
Inclusion of standards in appendices
Performance-based regulations
Plain language drafting
Date of effect
Advertising the introduction of standards and regulations
Public consultation

E   Assessment of National Standards Proposed to be adopted by a Ministerial Council or other Intergovernmental Standard-Setting Body
(1) Minimum Assessment Requirements
(2) Review

Attachment A


Regulatory Impact Assessment

Regulatory Impact Statements

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Choosing The Most Appropriate Technique

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