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Sugar industry

Industry Commission submission

This submission to the Sugar Industry Review Working Party was released in September 1996.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Executive Summary

Executive Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   National Competition Policy principles
1.2   Industry Commission inquiry into the Australian sugar industry

2   The Australian sugar industry
2.1   Sugar cane growing and milling in Queensland
2.1.1   Assignment system
2.1.2   Cane price formula
2.2   Tariffs
2.3   Statutory marketing of Queensland sugar
2.3.1 Two pool pricing system
2.3.2   Rebates and domestic sales
2.3.3   Bulk terminals
2.4   New South Wales industry
2.5   Refining

3   The commission's 1992 report
3.1   Findings on production controls
3.2   Findings on tariffs
3.3   Findings on statutory marketing
3.4   Recommendations
3.5   Impact of reforms on growers and millers

4   Significant developments since the commission's report
4.1   The Government's 1993 package
4.2   Increases in assignment
4.3   Shortages in milling capacity

5   Effects of recent developments
5.1   Developments relevant to production controls
5.1.1   Industry growth
5.1.2   Economies of scale and cost efficiencies
5.1.3   Responsiveness to change
5.1.4   Economic power of mills versus growers
5.2   Developments relevant to tariffs
5.3   Developments relevant to statutory marketing
5.3.1   The Corporation's price setting power
5.3.2   Economies of scale in marketing
5.3.3   Effect of statutory marketing on competition and innovation in milling
5.3.4   Effect of statutory marketing on innovation
5.3.5   Effect of statutory marketing on refining
5.3.6   Bulk sugar terminals


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