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Industry Commission Annual Report 1990-91

Annual Report Series

The Industry Commission Annual Report 1990-91 was released on 31 October 1991.

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1 Improving Australia's economic performance

2 Infrastructure reform: a gateway to better economic performance

3 Better environmental policy formulation

4 Managing reform

5 Operations of the Commission


1 Recent reforms in economic infrastructure

2 Progress on microeconomic reform

3 Economic instruments for environmental policy: the case oftradeable permits

4 Trends in productivity

5 Specific industry arrangements

6 Alternative assistance measures

7 Developments in regulation review

8 Budgetary assistance

9 Anti-dumping activity

10 Assistance to agriculture. mining and manufacturing

11 Recent industry policy reviews and decisions

12 Administrative matters

13 Financial statements 1990-91

14 Inquiry activity and reports of the Commission


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