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Compliance with the road transport law

Office of Regulation Review submission

This submission was released in December 1994. The submission comments on selected propositions from the National Road Transport Commission NRTC paper, Compliance with the Road Transport Law: Principles, Objectives and Strategies, released June 1994.

In particular, the submission focuses on the first proposition, that the objective of compliance strategies should be to maximise compliance with standards as cost-effectively and fairly as possible. It also provides brief comments on some related issues.

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  • Contents

1   Introduction

2   Overall Objectives of Road Transport Regulation

3   Aim of Compliance Strategies

4   On-road Enforcement

5   Exclusionary Sanctions

6   Conclusion

Attachment   Economics of Vehicle Speed Regulation
Costs, benefits and optimum vehicle speeds
Private costs
Private benefits
Privately optimal vehicle speeds
External costs and socially optimal vehicle speeds
Achieving socially optimal speeds

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