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Trade liberalisation and earnings distribution in Australia

Industry Commission staff research paper

This paper by Greg Murtough, Kate Pearson and Peter Wreford was released in February 1998.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Preface, Abbreviations and explanations, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   The evolution of Australian trade and labour market policy
1.2   Changes in the distribution of earnings from employment
1.3   Conceptual framework
1.4   Research strategy

2   Trends in trade, prices, wages and employment
2.1   Trade
2.2   Producer and import prices
2.3   Changes in earnings relativities
2.4   Concluding comments

3   Input-output analysis
3.1   Methodology
3.2   Results

4   General equilibrium analysis
4.1   Industry results
4.2   Occupational results

5   Concluding comments
5.1   Key results
5.2   Policy implications


A   Detailed information on trade, employment and wages
A.1   Composition and direction of Australian trade
A.2   Employment by skill group and sector
A.3   Real earnings

B   Technique and data used in input-output analysis
B.1   Input-output model
B.2   Decomposition of employment growth
B.3   Data

C   The Monash model
C.1   Historical analysis


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