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Irrigated farms

Joint Publication of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Productivity Commission

This publication was released 27 September 2006. It was produced jointly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Productivity Commission.

The report examines the diversity of farm irrigation practices and management - providing a detailed statistical description of farms which use and trade irrigation water.

It also provides estimates of the contribution of selected irrigated activities to the gross value of Australia's agricultural production. It is intended that the statistical and other descriptive information provided in this report will support wider analyses to identify farm management and resource use practices that contribute to the productivity and efficiency of irrigation water use.

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  • Contents

Preface, Abbreviations, Key Points

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Data and methodology
1.2 Outline of paper

Chapter 2 Broad trends in agricultural water use
2.1 The composition of irrigated agriculture
2.2 Dependence on irrigation

Chapter 3 The contribution of irrigation to the gross value of agricultural output
3.1 The gross value of irrigated production
3.2 Contribution of different size farms to GVIP
3.3 GVIP per unit of irrigation water and irrigated land

Chapter 4 Attributes of farms that use irrigation water
4.1 Farm resource use and the continuity of irrigation
4.2 Irrigation methods and technology
4.3 Sources of irrigation water
4.4 Irrigation expenses

Chapter 5 Trade in irrigation water
5.1 Use of water markets in recent years
5.2 Trade between irrigated activities
5.3 Water trade financial information

Appendix A ABS farm level data

Appendix B Seasonal conditions and the availability of irrigation water

Appendix C Regional results

Appendix D Detailed quintile results

Appendix E Reliability of the data