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Community service obligations: Policies and practices of Australian governments

Industry Commission information paper

This paper was released in February 1997. The paper reports on progress by governments in implementing new approaches to Community Service Organisations (CSOs) to:

  • better specify the non-commercial objectives of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs)
  • make the costs of CSOs more transparent
  • reduce the costs imposed on some users
  • improve and monitor the delivery of CSOs to targeted recipients
  • reduce inconsistencies in the national performance monitoring of GBEs.

The paper is based on the submission by the Industry Commission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Financial Institutions and Public Administration Inquiry into Aspects of the National Competition Policy Reform Package.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Contents, Foreword


1   Introduction

2   Specification of CSOs
2.1   Defining CSOs
2.2   Identificaton of CSOs
2.3   Observations

3   Costing of CSOs
3.1   Costing methods
3.2   Estimates of CSO costs
3.3   Observations

4   Funding Mechanisms
4.1   Government funding methods
4.2   Observations

5   Contracting CSOs

6   Accountability and Monitoring of CSOs
6.1   Government reforms
6.2   Observations

Attachment   Impact of competition policy reform on community service obligations


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