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Extending country of origin labelling to selected packaged fruit or vegetable whole food produce

Feasibilty report

This report examines the feasibility, benefits and costs of extending country of origin labelling (CoOL) to each of the two (or less) principal whole fruit or vegetable produce packaged together, including where other incidental ingredients are part of such a product. Fruit and vegetable juices and soya milks were included within the scope of the report.

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  • Contents

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Executive Summary
The Direction
FSANZ’s approach
Key findings
More detailed assessment

Chapter 1   Problem and Objective
A   What is the potential problem being addressed?
B   What are the objectives?

Chapter 2   Options under Consideration (Scope)
A   Status quo
B   Proposed extension of CoOL

Chapter 3   Outcome of CIE Benefit-Cost Analysis
A   Summary of CIE approach
B   Summary of CIE conclusions
C   Summary of submitter comments on CIE benefit-Cost analysis

Chapter 4   Outcome of Analysis using Office of Small Business Costing Tool
A   Description of Office of Small Business Costing Tool
B   Results of use of Costing Tool
C   Submitter comments on the use of the Costing Tool

Chapter 5   Outcome of Review of Consumer Research
A   Description of analysis undertaken by FSANZ
B   Results of analysis
C   Submitter comments on the consumer research analysis

Chapter 6   Outcome of Stakeholder Consultation
A   Number and distribution of submissions received
B   Issues raised by submitters

Chapter 7   Outcome of Assessment of the Option Against COAG Principles of Good Regulation
A   Minimising the impact of regulation
B   Minimising the impact on competition
C   Predictability of outcomes
D   International standards and practices
E   Regulations should not restrict international trade
F   Regular review of regulation
G   Flexibility of standards and regulations
H   The exercise of bureaucratic discretion

Chapter 8   FSANZ Findings

Attachment A   Examples of the Types of Foods Within Scope
A   Current requirements
B   International context

Attachment B   Current Requirements and International Context

Attachment C   Submitter Comments on, and CIE Responses to, the Benefit-Cost Analysis

Attachment D   Further Information in Relation to Consumer Research
A   Submitter comments on, and FSANZ responses to, consumer research
B   Further information about the nature of surveys
C   References

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