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The changing of Australian manufacturing

Industry Commission staff information paper

This paper by Colin Clark, Timothy Geer and Barry Underhill, was released in December 1996.

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Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Contents, Abbreviations, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Background
1.2   Objectives of the study
1.3   Structure of the paper

2   Definition and role
2.1   Manufacturing defined
2.2   Stages of development
2.3   The importance of manufacturing

3   Structural change and industry performance
3.1   Changes in the contribution of manufacturing
3.2   Manufacturing's shifting industry profile
3.3   Productivity performance

4   Manufacturing and the open economy
4.1   Defining manufactured exports
4.2   Manufacturing's rising trade orientation
4.3   Recent trends in manufactured exports

5   Perspectives on the role of manufacturing
5.1   Manufacturing as the 'engine of growth'
5.2   High-wage jobs
5.3   Trade and exports
5.4   Productivity growth
5.5   R&D intensity
5.6 Value-added
5.7   Mainspring of economic activity?
5.8   Concluding comments


A   Industry and firm profiles
A.1   Food, beverage and tobacco manufacturing [Bonlac Foods Ltd]
A.2   Textile, clothing, footwear and leather manufacturing [Yakka Pty Ltd]
A.3   Wood and paper products manufacturing [Amcor Ltd]
A.4   Printing, publishing and recorded media manufacturing [Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd/National Capital Printing]
A.5   Petroleum, coal, chemical and associated products manufacturing [BTR Nylex Ltd]
A.6   Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing [Windscreens O'Brien]
A.7   Metal product manufacturing [BHP Structural and Pipeline Products division]
A.8   Machinery and equipment manufacturing [Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd]
A.9   Other manufacturing [Dream Haven Bedding and Furniture Ltd]

B   Structural change data
B.1   Structural change index
B.2   Current versus constant prices
B.3   Structural change and per capita incomes

C   Comparative productivity measures for Australian sectors/industries
C.1   Total factor productivity growth rates for Australian sectors/industries
C.2   Estimates of relative productivity levels for Australian sectors/industries
C.3 Australian labour and capital productivity levels relative to the OECD

D   Measuring manufactured exports

E   Recent trends in Australia's exports of ETMs


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