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Exports of government services

Industry Commission research report

This Industry Commission research report was released in January 1998. The report resulted from an Industry Commission study of exports of government servicescovering Commonwealth, State and Territory governments.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Terms of Reference, Overview, Recommendations

1   What is the Study About?
1.1   The reference
1.2   The Commission's approach
1.3   Information sources
1.4   Structure of the report

2   Trade in Government Services
2.1   Current export activity
2.2   The role of aid programs
2.3   Future prospects

3   Government Agencies as Exporters
3.1   The benefits of exporting - participants' views
3.2   Weighing the benefits against the costs
3.3   The policy framework

4   Export Guidelines
4.1   Current approaches
4.2   Clarifying the policy framework
4.3   Approaches to risk
4.4   Protection and use of intellectual property
4.5   Some operational matters

5   Collaboration and Competition with Private Firms
5.1   Interface with the private sector
5.2   Competitive neutrality issues

6   Coordination of Export Activity
6.1   Current coordination arrangements
6.2   The merits of coordination arrangements
6.3   Australia-wide coordination

7   Agency Best Practice
7.1   Introduction
7.2   Preparing the agency for exporting
7.3   Understanding the market
7.4   Operating successfully in the market
7.5   Conclusions

Appendix A   Public consultation
A1   Visits and meetings
A2   Submissions received


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