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Industry Commission Annual Report 1989-90

Annual Report Series

The Industry Commission Annual Report 1989-90 was released on 31 October 1990.

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Chapter 1 The Industry Commission

Chapter 2 The need for higher productivity

Chapter 3 Securing higher productivity

Chapter 4 Selective assistance is not the answer

Chapter 5 Operations of the Commission

Appendix 1 The gains from microeconomic reform

Appendix 2 Australia's economic performance

Appendix 3 Productivity and the environment

Appendix 4 Strategic trade theory and the East Asian experience

Appendix 5 Progress on microeconomic reform

Appendix 6 Developments in regulation review

Appendix 7 Sectoral arrangements

Appendix 8 Alternative assistance measures

Appendix 9 Assistance to agriculture

Appendix 10 Assistance to mining

Appendix 11 Assistance to manufacturing

Appendix 12 Assistance as a consumer tax

Appendix 13 Budgetary assistance

Appendix 14 Anti-dumping activity

Appendix 15 Recent industry policy reviews and decisions

Appendix 16 Inquiry activity and reports of the Commission

Appendix 17 Publications issued by the Commission in 1989-90

Appendix 18 Administrative matters


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