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Pigs and pigmeat

Industry Commission research report

This report was released in October 1995.

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  • Contents

1   Introduction
1.1   Consultations and submissions
1.2   Report structure

2   Australian Markets, Imports and Industry Performance
2.1   Industry characteristics and trends
2.2   Sales of domestic production
2.3   Imports
2.4   Market shares
2.5   Comparison of import and domestic prices
2.6   The scope for further imports
2.7   Effects of imports on prices
2.8   Imports and effects on industry performance
2.9   Economy-wide effects

3   Overseas Assistance Measures
3.1   Assistance levels in principal trading countries
3.2   Canada
3.3   United States of America
3.4   European Union

4   Policy Environment
4.1   Government policy
4.2   Action by industry


A   Procedures

B   Pig farming in Australia

C   Pigmeat processing and manufacturing

D   Information about quarantine

E   World markets

F   GATT 1994

G   Canadian assistance programs


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