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Performance measures for councils: Improving local government performance indicators

Industry Commission research report

This report was released on 14 October 1997 which resulted from a Commonwealth Government request for the Commission to undertake a study of performance measures for councils.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations, Key Messages

1   Introduction
1.1   What was the Commission asked to do?
1.2   Why is improved performance of local governmen important?
1.3   Local government environment
1.4   Structure of the report

2   National or State-based Performance Measurement?
2.1   Introduction
2.2   Defining performance
2.3   Link between measurement and improved performance
2.4   Benefits and costs of national performance monitoring
2.5   Findings

3   Improving Performance Indicators
3.1   What performance measurement is happening now?
3.2   Effective performance measurement systems
3.3   Process for developing performance measurement
3.4   External assistance - a role for the Commonwealth?

4   The Commonwealth Minister's Annual Report to Parliament


A   The Commission's Brief

B   Conduct of the Review

C   Services Provided by Local Government

D   Performance Measurement - Insights and Lessons

E   Local Government Performance Indicators

F   Australian Bureau of Statistics Data on Local Government



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