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Productivity Perspectives 2006


The Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Productivity Commission held a one-day productivity conference at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra, on 23 March 2006. The program examined Australia's productivity performance from a mix of analytical, measurement and policy perspectives.

Conferences in the Productivity Perspectives series are held about 18 months apart. They provide a forum for analysts, statisticians, policymakers and economic commentators to be briefed on, and to discuss, recent trends in Australia's productivity performance, the factors affecting productivity performance and the implications for the welfare of Australians.

Keynote speaker

The keynote speaker at PP2006 was Prof Bart van Ark from the University of Groningen and The Conference Board. Prof van Ark is an authority on international productivity comparisons. His presentation examined world-wide economic developments from the perspective of productivity, competitiveness and employment creation.

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Key Trends and Issues for the Day
Gary Banks

Session 1: International Perspective on Productivity Performance

The World's Productivity Performance: How do Countries Compare?
Bart van Ark

Session 2: Exploring Recent Trends in Australia

How Strong is Australia's Productivity Performance?
Dean Parham and Marn-Heong Wong

The Relationship between GDP and Employment
Mark Zhang, Stuart Gourley, Franklin Soriano and Carl Obst

Measuring the Contributions of Productivity and the Terms of Trade to Australian Welfare
Denis Lawrence and Erwin Diewert

Sources of Productivity Growth at Aggregate and Disaggregate Levels
Kevin J. Fox

Session 3: The Outlook for Productivity Growth

Forecasting Productivity Growth: 2004 to 2024
John Revesz

How Far can Australia Catch Up?
Graeme Davis

Session 4: Future Directions in Measurement and Analysis

Priorities for Analysis: Issues, Techniques, Data Needs
Panel discussion with Bart van Ark, Kevin Fox, Denis Lawrence and Dean Parham

The ABS Productivity Measurement Program
Carl Obst


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