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Australian Atlantic Salmon: Effects of import competition

Industry Commission research report

This Industry Commission research report was released 7 January 1997.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Abbreviations, Glossary, Terms of Reference, Key Findings, Overview

1   Introduction

2   Key Industry Characteristics
2.1   Australian Atlantic salmon production
2.2   Regional importance of salmon farming
2.3   Environmental impacts of salmon farming
2.4   Domestic consumption
2.5   Export markets and trade

3   Government Regulation and Assistance
3.1   The regulatory environment
3.2   Assistance
3.3   Conclusion

4   Competition in the Domestic Salmon Industry
4.1   Salmon prices
4.2   Sources of competition in the salmon industry
4.3   Conclusion

5   Potential Effects of Imports
5.1   Quarantine protocols and border measures
5.2   Potential imports
5.3   Potential effects on consumers and producers
5.4   Adjustment issues
5.5   Regional effects


A   Process and participants

B   Salmon production

C   Australian market for Atlantic salmon

D   Overseas markets and export opportunities

E   Assistance to the Atlantic salmon industry

F   Government regulation of the salmon industry

G   Environmental impact of salmon farming


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