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NSW dairy industry

Industry Commission submission

This submission was released in July 1997.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Overview

1   Introduction
1.1   What is the Review about?
1.2   Why is the Commission making a submission?
1.3   Approach taken in the submission

2   The Australian and New South Wales Dairy Industries
2.1   Production, exports and imports
2.2   Dairy farming
2.3   Overseas outlook

3   Current Assistance Arrangements
3.1   State support for market milk production
3.2   Commonwealth support for manufacturing milk

4   Assistance to the Dairy Industry
4.1   Assistance methodology
4.2   Assistance estimates
4.3   Criticisms of the Commission's approach
4.4   Conclusions

5   Should the Current Arrangements Continue?
5.1   Potential benefits of the New South Wales market milk controls
5.2   The costs of the New South Wales controls
5.3   How to deregulate

Appendix   A Copy of letter received from the New South Wales Dairy Industry Review Group


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