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Small business employment

Industry Commission staff research paper

This paper by John Revesz and Ralph Lattimore, was released on 28 August 1997.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Acknowledgments, Contents, Abbreviations, Overview

1   Introduction
1.1   Scope and purpose
1.2   Data and definitions
1.3   Outline

2   The Small Business Employment Share
2.1   Wage and salary earners
2.2   Part-time employees
2.3   The average size of enterprises
2.4   International comparisons
2.5   Small business operators
2.6 Composition of the total labour force
2.7   Caveats about the data

3   Employment Dynamics
3.1   Contribution to employment growth
3.2   Job generation studies
3.3   Job turnover
3.4   Survey of recruitment

4   Sectoral Analysis
4.1   Basic data
4.2   Small business in manufacturing
4.3   Wholesale and retail trade
4.4   The ratio between sales and employment

5   Job Characteristics In Small Business
5.1   Relative wages
5.2   Earnings of small business operators
5.3   Labour stability and turnover
5.4   Casual employment
5.5   Other indicators
5.6 Some observations about job quality

6   Explaining the Rise of Small Business
6.1   Popular misconceptions
6.2   Toward a theory of the composition of the economy by firm size
6.3   Recent developments
6.4   The role of small business in the labour market
6.5   Empirical evidence on the role of small firms in the labour market
6.6   Why did small business employment shares change?
6.7   Policy implications


A   Employment by firm size

B   Small business operators

C   The Weeda survey

D   Job growth and turnover

E   Sectoral statistics

F   Job quality indicators

G   Public outsourcing

H   The recruitment survey

I   Size determinants

J   Modeling entrepreneurs

K   Innovation by firm size

L   The JOBSTART program


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