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The electricity industry in South Australia

Industry Commission research report

This report was released on 29 April 1995. The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission's review of the South Australian electricity industry.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Preface, Abbreviations, Glossary, Terms of Reference, Executive Summary, Conclusions

1   Introduction
1.1   Background to the review
1.2   Public participation in this projecty
1.3   Report structure

2   The South Australian Electricity Market
2.1   Demand for electricity in SA
2.2   Supply of electricity in SA
2.3   Legislation covering the SA electricity industry
2.4   Performance of the SA electricity industry
2.5   Importance of electricity to the SA economy

3   National Competition Policy and the Electricity Industry
3.1   Competition policy reform
3.2   Development of national energy markets

4   Operations of the National Market
4.1   Market institutions
4.2   Market mechanisms
4.3   Augmentation of generation and transmission
4.4   Interconnection Operating Agreement
4.5   Transition to the national market

5   The Existing Structure of ETSA
5.1   Structural reform and competition
5.2   Effectiveness of regulation
5.3   Costs of vertical separation
5.4   ETSA’s current structure
5.5   Adjustment issues
5.6   Concluding comment

6   The Commission’s Preferred Structure
6.1   Commission’s proposals
6.2   Generation and energy supply
6.3   System control and planning
6.4   Multiple distribution–retail businesses
6.5   Transmission
6.6   State regulatory body

7   Promoting Competition in Generation
7.1   Nature of market power
7.2   Market power in generation
7.3   Economic analysis of market power
7.4   Assessing the options for ETSA Generation
7.5   Recommended approach


A   Ministerial correspondence establishing the review

B   Participation in the inquiry

C   Correspondence on the Commission’s report


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