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Industry Commission conference proceedings

The Industry Commission Conference on Equity, Efficiency and Welfare was held on 1 and 2 November 1995 in Melbourne. These proceedings were released on 14 August 1996.

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Cover, Copyright, Chairpersons Letter and Contents

1   Keynote Address: The big tradeoff revisited
Howard Glennerster
Discussion:   Sue Richardson

2   Supply and demand in social welfare services
John Paterson
Discussion:   Jeff Richardson

3   The delivery of welfare sevices: what level of access
Peter Travers
Discussion :   Robert Gregory

4   Equity and efficiency: policy considerations
Fred Argy
Discussion:   Nanak Kakwani

5   A microsimulation/applied general equilibrium approach to analysing income distribution in Australia: plans and preliminary illustration
Peter Dixon, Michael Malakellis and Tony Meagher
Discussion:   Cliff Walsh

6   Measuring income inequality and tax progressivity: an introduction
John Creedy
Discussion:   Patricia Apps

7   Estimates of poverty and income distribution in Australia in May 1995
Ann Harding
Discussion:   Nanak Kakwani

8   Unpacking inequality: wage incomes, disposable,incomes and living standards
Peter Saunders
Discussion:   Jennie George

Appendix   Conference Attendees

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