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Modified Demographic and Economic Model (MoDEM 2.0)

The Modified Demographic and Economic Model (MoDEM 2.0) is used to calculate population, labour market and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) projections under different demographic and labour assumptions. Key model outputs include population size, dependency ratios, labour force participation rates, GDP and GDP per capita. The model allows two sets of projections to be compared to evaluate the effects of a change in assumptions and uses the component-cohort method to produce the projections.

MoDEM 2.0 is an upgraded version of MoDEM 1.0, which includes a user-friendly interface and the ability to update the input data and change the base year of projections, among other features. The base year has been updated to 2007 and the labour parameters have been re-estimated. MoDEM's flexibility and ease of use makes it suitable for a wide range of users and applications.

MoDEM 1.0, released in September 2007, was used for the Productivity Commission (PC) report on Potential Benefits of the National Reform Agenda (PC 2007). MoDEM was developed from the population projection model used in the PC report on Economic Implications of an ageing Australia (PC 2005).

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