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The effects of ICTs and complementary innovations on Australian productivity growth

Conference paper

Uptake and impacts of ICTs in the Australian economy, which was presented to the Workshop on ICT and Business Performance, OECD in Paris on 9 December 2002. Econometric estimates based on firm-level data are unchanged but growth accounting estimates have been updated in accordance with a further release of national accounts data. Further econometric work has been undertaken and is documented in forthcoming reports.

This paper presents part of the work in progress on a joint research project of the Productivity Commission, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, and the National Office for the Information Economy. The joint project was set up to provide an Australian contribution to the set of country studies on ICT and Business Performance that is being facilitated and co-ordinated by the OECD.

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  • Contents

1   Introduction

2   Uptake of ICTs
2.1   Analysis of factors influencing the use of ICTs

3   Performance effects of ICTs
3.1   Contributions to aggregate productivity growth
3.2   Performance effects at the sectoral level
3.3   Performance effects at the firm level

4   Conclusions
4.1   Main findings
4.2   Further interpretation of results

Appendix 1   Overview of methodology for micro analysis of uptake and productivity effects of ICTs
Uptake of ICTs
Productivity effects


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