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A guide to the IAC's use of the ORANI model

Industries Assistance Commission information paper

The Industries Assistance Commission Information Paper, A Guide to the IAC's Use of the Orani Model, was released in December 1987.

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Cover, Overview, Contents

1   Introduction

2   The role of ORANI in policy analysis
2.1   The role of a multisectoral model
2.2   The IAC Context

3   The general nature of ORANI

4   The structure of the ORANI model
4.1   The data base
4.2   Theoretical structure
4.2.1   Direct demands for and supplies of commodities
4.2.2   Indirect demands, prices, market clearing and other relationships
4.3   Solution procedures and operational flexibility
4.4   Modifications to the Standard ORANI theory

5   Interpreting ORANI results
5.1   The assumed economic environment
5.2   Effects on product markets
5.3   Effects on employment