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Productivity Perspectives 2007


The Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Productivity Commission held a one-day productivity conference in Canberra on 6 December 2007. The objective of the conference was to provide an overview of productivity trends and a range of productivity measurement, analytical and policy issues.

Invited speakers:

  • Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia
  • Paul Schreyer, OECD
  • Kevin Fox, University of NSW
  • Gudrun Meyer-Boehm, Queensland Treasury
  • Ian Bobbin, ABS
  • Ben Dolman, Productivity Commission
  • Owen Gabbitas, Productivity Commission
  • Dean Parham, Productivity Commission

Download the presentations

The international picture - Paul Schreyer
Presentation PPT 0.5 MB
Summary PDF 0.1 MB

Macro and industry trends - Ian Bobbin
Presentation PDF 0.2 MB
Summary PDF 0.1 MB

State productivity - Gudrun Meyer-Boehm
Presentation PPT 0.3 MB

Mining productivity: The case of the missing input? - Dean Parham
Presentation PPT 0.6 MB
Summary PDF 0.1 MB

Measurement of production, income and welfare with changing terms of trade - Erwin Diewert
Presentation PPT 0.2 MB
Consultancy Report

Distribution of Australia’s economic gains - Ben Dolman
Presentation PPT 0.3 MB
Summary PDF 0.1 MB

Economic infrastructure – Roads - Kevin Fox
Presentation PDF 0.3 MB

Health service productivity in Australia - Owen Gabbitas
Presentation PPT 0.2 MB
Paper PDF 0.3 MB

Panel Presentations

What do we need to measure and analyse better? - Denis Lawrence
Presentation PDF 0.1 MB

Productivity perspectives: the view from the States - Rob Brooker
Presentation PPT 0.6 MB

Takeaways from the day

Takeaways from the day - Erwin Diewert
Summary PDF 0.1 MB

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