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Review of the Wheat Marketing Act 1989 - Supplementary submission

Productivity Commission submission

This supplementary submission to the Review of the Wheat Marketing Act 1989 was released on 20 November 2000.

The submission provides some comments on the comment on the draft report of the Independent Review Committee for the NCP Review of the Wheat Marketing Act (WMA) 1989. In particular the submission provides detailed comment on the benefits and costs of the single desk arrangements.

The Commission has previously forwarded a submission to this review. The Commission's staff research paper, Single Desk Marketing: Assessing the Economic Arguments examines in detail the arguments for and against single-desk marketing, and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each arrangement.

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  • Contents

1   Preliminaries
Cover, Letter

1   Introduction

2   Benefits and costs of the single desk

3   Proposals to reduce existing restrictions on exporting
Export of wheat in containers and bags
Bulk export of durum wheat
Retention of the single desk for a limited range of markets
Improvements in the operation of the WEA

4   Scheduled 2004 review by the WEA

5   Other points

6   Concluding remarks

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