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General equilibrium models and policy advice in Australia

Industry Commission staff information paper

This Industry Commission staff information paper by Dr Philippa Dee, was presented at the IFAC Workshop on Computing in Economics and Finance Amsterdam, 8-10 June 1994.

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Cover, Contents, Abstract

1   The Institutional Setting
1.1   The public inquiry process
1.2   The Commission's policy guidelines
1.3   Applied general equilibrium modelling at the Commission

2   The Applied General Equilibrium Models used for Policy Analysis
2.1   Sectoral linkages and sectoral detail
2.2   Policy instruments
2.3   Macroeconomic closures

3   Policy Messages From General Equilibrium Models
3.1   Analysis of reductions in protection
3.2   Analysis of microeconomic reforms
3.3   Response to recent recession

4   Conclusion


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