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Outcome measurement in child protection

Consultancy report

The consultancy report, Outcome Measurement in Child Protection: International Literature Review and Critical Analysis of Child Protection and Alternative Placement Outcome Measures, was released in September 1998.

It was written by Lyn Gain and Lawrie Young for the Steering Committtee for the Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision. The views expresssed in the report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Steering Committee or the Productivity Commission.

This report examines the current state of development of child protection and supported placement outcome measures, as reported in the international English language literature.

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  • Contents


Executive Summary

1   Study Aims and Objectives

2   Summary and Implications for Action
2.1   Structure and Summary of Report
2.2   Implications for Future Action
2.3   Specific Research Projects
2.4   Literature Access

3   International Approaches to Outcomes Measurement
3.1   Overall Stage of Development
3.2   Main Bodies of Literature
3.3   Australian Situation
3.4   New Zealand
3.5   Canada

4   Theoretical Issues Highlighted in the Literature
4.1   The Place of Outcome Measures in Performance Monitoring Models in the Literature
4.2   Cause and Effect/Control and Responsibility
4.3   Proxy Outcome Measures vs. Observable Outcomes
4.4   Need for Multiple Indicators
4.5   Benchmarks and Standards
4.6   Client Satisfaction, Consumer Surveys and Client Involvement
4.7   Standardised Assessment Tools
4.8   Significant Groupings, including Age Related Indicators

5   Implementation Considerations Highlighted in the Literature
-5.1   Case Practice
5.2   Data Sources and Systems
5.3   Longitudinal Measures
5.4   Other Implementation Issues

6   Listing of Measures Described as Outcome Measures or Indicators in the Literature

7   Critique of Listed Measures; and Identification of Preferred Measures
7.1   Child Protection Objectives
7.2   Supported Placement Objectives

List of References
Literature Sources
Personal Communications

Annotated Bibliography

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