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Micro reform - Impacts on firms: Aluminium case study

Industry Commission research paper

This paper was released in March 1998.

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  • Contents

Copyright, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Contents, Abbreviations, The report at a glance, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Background
1.2   Why the aluminium industry?
1.3   Key objectives of the study
1.4   Study methodology
1.5   Structure of the paper

2   The Australian aluminium industry
2.1   The industry in a global context
2.2   The Australian industry - a broad profile
2.3   Industry cost structures

3   Performance of the Australian aluminium industry
3.1   International cost comparisons
3.2   Productivity performance
3.3   Investment

4   Government influence on firms' performance - survey results
4.1   Government influence on future investment in the Australian aluminium industry
4.2   Microeconomic reform - its influence on the competitiveness of firms

5   Infrastructure services
5.1   Electricity
5.2   Natural gas
5.3   Coastal and trans-Tasman shipping
5.4   Waterfront
5.5   Rail freight
5.6   Concluding comments

6   Labour market and workplace reforms
6.1   Key characteristics of the aluminium industry's workforce
6.2   Labour - its impact on firms' competitiveness
6.3   Industrial relations in the aluminium industry
6.4   Building more productive workplaces
6.5   Factors inhibiting productivity improvements and workplace flexibility
6.6   Labour on-costs
6.7   Concluding comments

7   Environmental regulations and resource access
7.1   The aluminium industry and the environment
7.2   Resource access and multiple land use
7.3   Greenhouse gas emissions
7.4   Concluding comments

8   Taxation arrangements
8.1   Benchmarks for assessing tax systems
8.2   Broad influences of taxes and charges on industry competitiveness
8.3   Indirect taxation
8.4   Corporate taxation
8.5   Fringe benefits tax
8.6   R&D tax concession
8.7   Concluding comments


A   Industry input to the study

B   Survey forms


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